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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

happy food: Emma Leigh Plant Based Mini Empanadas

Having a four year-old, I'm always exposing her to new foods. While I don't cook red meat, I do prepare chicken and fish dinners. I also try to serve as many different foods from the world as well as plant-based products. Recently, I tried Emma Leigh's Plant Based Mini Empanadas which I found at Costco. 

Made with Beyond Beef, these empanadas were spiced perfectly and had a meat-like texture (if you're vegan, the beefy texture might put you off. It threw me a little. I haven't eaten beef since I was child.) They are packed with flavor but a little dry. I served them with freshly made guacamole, salsa verde and Greek yogurt. Dipped in the sauces, they were great. This was our main meal, which I served with a salad. While this gets two thumbs up from Larry and I, Waverly was a little more trepidatious. She liked the pastry but not so much on the filling. 

If you're trying to live a more plant-based lifestyle, these little pockets might be just what you're looking for.

Friday, July 1, 2022

The Bounty of Summer

Last week Waverly went to a farm to pick strawberries. The farmstandd we went to was overflowing with the bounty of summer, even with all of the rain we've had in Seattle over the past few months. In addition to the strawberries which literally melted in your mouth with sweetness, I also picked up some corn on the cob, warm biscuits, eggs and a marionberry pie (which made a lovely breakfast the next few mornings.)

My favorite way to eat strawberries is fresh from vine while sitting in the sun but strawberry shortcake is a close second. It's such a simple recipe. Wash, hull and slice strawberries and set aside. Slice a biscuit in half. (It's best warm so either serve immediately after baking or toast lightly.)  Top with spoonfuls of strawberries and sprinkle with a quarter teaspoon of sugar and pile high with vanilla whipped cream. Top with more strawberries.  I could honestly eat this for breakfast. lunch and dinner all summer. 

I purchased this strawberry huller and slicer and this $9 gadget was a game changer. I don't usually like to buy kitchen gadgets that do just one thing but thing one made hulling the strawberries a cinch. 

Available on Amazon for $8.98. 

Friday, June 3, 2022

Nantucket Beach House Sunset Playlist

I love summer. White linen, languid mornings watering the plants in the garden and days spent by the beach. 

Music is such a part of that whole summer vibe. This playlist, Nantucket Beach House Sunset, will remind you of that perfect summer evening outside with your favorite people around you, cool drinks in hand and laughter hanging in the warm, salty air. 

I hope you enjoy this playlist as much as we do. 

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

And so the summer begins

I love this first weekend of summer. It's just so full of promise. I think of summer mornings in a beach town, with its cool mornings, ponytail, sweatshirt, cardboard cup of coffee in hand. I love the way people in a beach town always say hi or nod or smile as they pass by each other. Is it something in the water or in the air that generally makes people happy or friendlier or more content?

I love that desire to eat clean, simple foods like vegetables fresh from the garden. Oh, that perfect ear of Butter-Sugar corn from the farm-stand, strawberry pancake dinners at the firehouse, languid days sipping sun-brewed tea by the pool. 

This year feels almost normal again. I hope that you feel that sense of excitement for this summer too.

Here's to summer!

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