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Friday, February 25, 2022

waving around the world playlist

I recently did something incredible. I drove across the country with our four year-old daughter, Waverly. One of the best things we did was creating a playlist called Waving Around the World. I asked our friends to contribute their favorite travel songs too, which I added to the playlist. 

I hope you enjoy this travel inspired Spotify playlist and that it inspires you to pursue your wanderlust too. 

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Because They Need More Love

Earlier this week, I was driving with our toddler when someone flipped me off. The other driver ran a red light, I beeped at them as they came inches from hitting our car. We watched as they angrily motioned at us, beeped back and gave us the finger.

Even at four years-old, our daughter understood the emotion in that moment.  She asked what happened and I told her that the driver was clearly in a hurry and drove through the stoplight when it wasn’t his turn and that he could have hurt himself or us. 

She said “He was mad, wasn’t he?”

“Yes,” I said. “Quite angry.” 

“You know, he was just mad that he almost got into an accident and just wanted to vent his frustration,” I told her,

Waverly was quiet. Then she said “Maybe we was having a bad morning  and just needs more love.”

Maybe he just needed more love.

She was listening.

As she grew and started figuring out her emotions (and others),  we made sure that she understood that she wasn’t responsible for other people’s moods. We told her that sometimes people will be in bad moods but that it wasn’t a reflection on her. I remember a very early conversation with her when she told me that if someone was mean to her that she would be mean back. “I don’t like mean people,” she said.

I realized that in that moment, we could teach her how to handle mean people in a way that would hopefully insulate her feelings against someone else’s bad mojo. I said, “You know, it would feel good in the moment to be mean back but that only hurts you. Maybe they are acting our because they weren’t treated well themselves.”

“Maybe they just need more love,” she said. I loved that. Ever since we had that discussion, that is how we handle other people’s aggressions. Someone wants to be mean? Be mean but that won’t affect us. We’re just going to send back good vibes and step away from the situation. Waverly is so good at this, at keeping her confident, happy bubble around her, regardless of what someone else’s temperament is.  I have been practicing this as well. It works. My first reaction wasn’t to flip the other driver off. Instead, I thought “OK, they’re clearly having a bad day. I hope they drive safely.” It felt good not to throw that negative energy back. It didn’t seep into my mood. It happened and we moved on, safely. This is considerably different than how I previously processed other people’s negative energy. I would take an aggression to heart and run it over in my head. It was fruitless and pointless and left me feeling zapped.

Now though, I know that Waverly is adding to her emotional toolbox and that hopefully flipping someone off won’t ever be a consideration. Rather, an honest “I’m sorry” will be her first reaction and hopefully driving lessons will prevent her from running reds.

Thursday, July 22, 2021

happy things: 21 seeds tequila

If you asked me what one meal I would enjoy forever it would be fresh, warm tortilla chips + guacamole along with margaritas, preferably served while looking out at the sea. There's something about salty air hair and margaritas that are magical together. 

This summer has been so hot here in Seattle that ice cold margaritas are a welcome start to the end of the day, even without the sea. While I usually use Patron tequila, I recently ordered the trio of 21 Seeds Tequilas: Grapefruit Hibiscus, Cucumber Jalapéno and Valencia Orange. I first noticed 21 Seeds on Instagram. While I liked idea of the flavors, I loved the idea that 21 Seeds is a woman-owned company that partnered with a tequila distillery in Mexico staffed primarily by women.  I ordered the trio of flavors from their website. 

When the package arrived, my friend, Heidi, invited me over to try out some recipes. Her backyard is reminiscent of a home (that you never want to leave) on the Mediterranean, complete with lavender and a Labrador who just wants to lay across your feet. 

We decided to start with Hibiscus Grapefruit and used the 21 Seeds Skinnyseed Paloma recipe  as inspiration. The grapefruit slant to tequila was a perfect pairing. Even as shots, the Hibiscus Grapefruit would be outstanding. Adding the spring of basil at the end, though, really made this recipe sparkle.  

We're poring over new recipe and in the next few weeks we'll be trying the other two flavors. Here's to happy summer afternoons!

The Happy Paloma Recipe 

For each cocktail add:

1 1/2 ounces of 21 Seeds Grapefruit Hibiscus  Tequila

1 1/2 ounces of pink grapefruit juice

 2 ounces of seltzer (we used Polar Orange Vanilla Seltzer)

Pour over ice and add a wedge of pink grapefruit and a spring of fresh basil

* The drinkers are from glassybaby in the colors rosé and vodka. 

Monday, May 17, 2021

my favorite new cleaning product: Saint Olio


I used to the be the girl who thought if the wet spaces (kitchen/bathrooms) smelled like bleach, then they were clean. During the pandemic, especially, I really upped my cleaning game.While it smelled clean and I knew that bleach would kill whatever germs were living in our home, I started to think about the fumes we inhaled and the toxins and chemicals that we were inviting into our home. 

I started researching household cleaners and just when I decided to make my own, I came across Saint Olio, a brand that makes cleaning products the are not only anti-microbial but they smell good too. I did a deep dive into the brand and I loved the philosophy of SD Kaven, the company's founder. I like that the cleaning products in her line are  synthetic-free while scented with essential oils. 

I bought the three main scents as well as the limited edition. Originally, my plan was to use the first one and then move on to the second scent when I finished the first one, but I've found that I like using the different scents according to my moods. I love how clean my kitchen is and how our home just smells  wonderful.  

The Originals Trio Pack (the one I purchased) is $75 with free shipping. 

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