Monday, January 27, 2020

how to be happy: #2 why it's happening

Last week I had a bad week. BAD. It was the kind of week that felt like I was constantly catching my belt loop on the door handle. You think "Oh, come ON!" Monday was bad and by Friday it was almost laughable because it was just so awful. Nothing life altering, just a multitude of things that were annoying, costly and time consuming. I said to myself so many times "Why is this happening TO me?"

I said it so many times that I started to think about what I was saying.

Why is this happening TO me?

I started to think about the times in my life that had the greatest impact on me, the times when I grew the most, the times that I know contributed to me leading a better life, becoming the person I wanted to be. These moments set in motion things that happened FOR me. Things just happen to a rock on a hillside. Rain, mud may move it downhill but the rock is still just a rock. When things happen in your life that are annoying or just untimely, maybe changing your perspective will allow you to process what happened better. 

I thought about the irritating things that felt like setbacks last week. When I stopped to think about each one, I realized that it could be worse. As I wrote down each thing that contributed to my bad week, I could see that positive things were coming out of the dark space that was the past few days. I could appreciate the circumstances as they unfolded and make decisions not from a place of negativity but rather from a logical place with the belief that I have handled every single thing that has happened in my life and this was relatively easy stuff. 

If you are in a moment where things are just haywire, take a breath, take a step back and believe that this is happening FOR you. You can make the decision to let things happen to you or you can stand tall and take charge of the circumstances, however annoying, dire or negative they may be because after all, you have come out on the other side of every annoying, dire or negative thing that has ever happened to you before. 

It's your choice. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

happy videos: the "snl" cowbell skit

This "Saturday Night Live" legendary cowbell skit from 2000 never fails to make me laugh. Christopher Walken's "Guess what? I've got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell" slays me. Every single time.

a summer moment in winter: harrod's strawberries & cream

When I was a reporter, I traveled often to London for film junkets and set visits. During one of my trips (which was around Christmas), I stopped into Harrod's for a little shopping and some tea. It was a cold, drizzly day but I wanted something bright, happy, summery yet warm. I discovered Harrod's Strawberries & Cream No. 75 Fruit Infusion tea. It was brilliant. Exactly what I wanted. I bought a box and enjoyed this tea throughout my stay in London.

When L. was in London a few weeks ago, I remembered this tea and how it made me feel. I asked him if he was in the area, if he would bring me back some of this tea. The day he came back, he handed me two boxes of this tea and a tin of shortbread cookies. Even just holding the warm cup with the tea infusing in the water, uplifted my mood. I was reminded of June days and popping fat, sun-warmed strawberries in my mouth. If you are too busy for afternoon tea with a biscuit, strawberry jam and clotted cream, this tea is a perfect substitute for that moment of comfort.

While I've been sipping this tea hot on cold, snowy days here in Seattle, I've had a little of my own sunshine. This tea would also be out of this world served over ice with a fresh basil leaf. There's something wonderful about the combination of strawberries and basil.  I'm looking forward to this being my go-to drink this summer.

Harrod's Strawberries & Cream No. 75 Fruit Infusion tea can be ordered online ($10.10 for 20 silken tea bags).

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Your Guide for a Healthy Happy 2020

Over the past few weeks, I have been giving a lot of thought into what matters to me, especially as this decade starts.  I've always kept a journal. As I've gone back through the entries, I can see clearly what has made me happy and what has caused me anxiety.

 I have this anxiety in life and I started writing down ideas of what would help me with these feelings and I came up with the list below.   I've decided to make an active choice to be more positive in my thoughts, especially about food and to come at life with a new attitude of brightness, of happiness. 
Is this the roaring 20's again? I don't know but I'm going this of this decade as the sunny 20's.


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