Wednesday, March 3, 2021

An easy way to feel good: the clean fridge

Not long ago, I opened the fridge to make breakfast and there were so many different take-out containers teetering on top pf other items that I decided to just take everything out, condiments included and start over from scratch. I no longer wanted to play a game of Jenga every morning when all I wanted was to make egg bites.

Out went all the take-out containers, sad forgotten fruits and vegetables,  condiments that had expired or had lids that I could no longer remove.  The deli/cheese drawer held the foil-wrapped remains of various cheeses and meats that should have been thrown away awhile ago. Also gone were the bottles of sparkling wine I kept on hand which I had stocked prior of 2020, before brunches with friends became a thing of the past. 

The drawers themselves needed a good scrubbing too, which was easy to do once it was emptied. Then, after a trip to Trader Joe's, I carefully started adding back the items that I know we will use, rather than ingredients that I aspire to use. I can't count how many clamshell containers of Arugula I bought because I thought tuna salad on Arugula would be a healthy choice for lunch but I just never made it.

Waverly loves yogurt so we have three types - container, pouch and smoothie. We have quite a few cheeses because we eat eggs often for breakfast and I like to add goat cheese or Swiss/Gruyere to my egg bites.  The produce bin has actual fruits and vegetables that we will eat as well as my favorite dip (Everything but the Bagel). Behind the bags of salad are ready to eat raw vegetables. 

For beverages, I moved out the hard seltzers and made room for cranberry juice and seltzer. Every morning, I drink a 32 ounce bottle of water with about 1/4 cup of pure cranberry juice (no sugar) along with the juice of one lemon. It's wildly tart but I feel like it gets my engine going. I also found a fueled creamer that I love (Stok). 

Cleaning out the fridge was such a simple thing but it gives me so much pleasure every time I open the fridge. I no longer have to check each condiment to see if it expired or balance all the take out boxes to just get two eggs. We have also decided to cook more often at home and to keep our take-out orders limited to once a week.

Next, the pantry. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

My Updated Studio Space


Working from home with a toddler has been a challenge. My desk is usually piled high with toys and books, in addition to papers, files, items for review, recipe ideas etc. I have always had a hard time focusing when my environment is cluttered, so last month, I hired someone to help organize my space which included installing shelves for some of my glassybaby connection.

In addition to the new shelves and room arrangement, I was merciless with what I decided to keep on my desk. I disposed of a lot of the clutter that distracted me and kept only things that made me happy like the mermaid that I picked up in Harwichport or the bowl of oranges that I share with my Waverly instead of packaged granola bars which were packed with sugar and only made me hungrier after I ate one (or two or three). 

One of my favorite things about my new space is the glassybaby wall.  I collect glassybaby votives which were displayed throughout our home but it didn't make an impact to me.  Now with these shelves from Amazon, my collection looks organized and clean. 

This new set-up makes me feel light and focused, even if just offscreen is Waverly's toddler space, complete with her own desk, a doll named Phoebe and Magna-Tiles.  I wouldn't have my studio space any other way. 

If you aren't familiar with glassybaby, get to know this extraordinary company here

Saturday, January 23, 2021

the breezy new song you need in january


I'm looking outside on this foggy, grey Saturday morning but I can't help but feel sunny and warm. My niece, Chloe Selavka, just released her new single, "Sweet" today and I've had it on repeat since she announced its release. Listening to "Sweet" is transporting. It's a summer Saturday in June, driving with the top down while you look up at puffy white clouds languidly moving across a cerulean blue sky.

I'm reminded of riding with Chloe and listening to her sing along to whatever was on the radio. She always had an ethereal, lilting voice but today, I am in awe of this kind, smart, incredibly talented girl who wrote her own song and believed in herself enough to let the world hear her music and get a hint of her soul.

Here's Chloe Selavka and her first single, "Sweet" on Spotify. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Congratulations, Chloe!

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Inauguration 2021


Today, our family watched as President Biden and Vice-President Harris took their oaths. I can try to teach our three year-old as much as I can about life but sometimes, you just need to live it. I hope Waverly remembers this day that we watched history being made. 

We're continuing with the inauguration celebration here, starting with this Spotify playlist we are now listening to.  I hope you enjoy it too. 

If you loved Inaugural Poet of 2021, Amanda Gorman, as much as we did, follow her on Instagram @amandasgorman

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