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Thursday, June 18, 2009

insights: why hello, sunshine

Why hello there, sunshine.

Somehow between May 2008 and May 2009 things went to hell in a hand basket. I went from the happiest, blissed out girl in the world who loved her job and her life and her friends to someone who could barely lift her head from the pillow after a night of staring at the ceiling wondering how my life became something unrecognizable. How did my life go from unbelievably wonderful to sad so quickly? I didn't know who I had become.

After a tragic May I realized that I need to start breathing again.

I wonder when life has gotten so sad is it possible to get your happy back?

So here is my experiment. What makes someone happy? Is it love? Is it religion? Is it food? Is it the perfect job? Is it the perfect partner? Having children? The perfect school? A Prada handbag? A night at the Four Seasons? Is it drugs? Alcohol? Friends? Things? Places? Books? Therapy?

So. That's the experiment. I want my happy back. Is there a place that's happier than happy? Yeah, I think so and I'm going to find it.

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