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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

charming things: the swiffer wetjet

I was standing in the kitchen staring at the way the light bounced off the hardwood floor when L., my husband came home from work. He dropped his messenger bag off in his office and came over to give me a kiss.

“Hi honey,” I said, throwing my arms around his neck for a kiss.

“Look! Look at this floor,”  I smiled and motioned to the hardwood we were standing on.

L. looked down “It’s nice,” he said with a “Good job, honey!” smile.

I looked at him and said “No, seriously, look at this floor. I have never seen it so clean. I mean we could EAT off this thing. I bought a Swiffer WetJet and look at how clean and shiny our floors are.”

I took his hand and walked him around our entire open space on the first floor. The light was indeed bouncing off our pristine wood floors and I was beaming at up him.

I started laughing as we stared at the floor. “I feel like we’re in a TV spot. Husband comes home from work and the wife shows off how clean the floors are. But seriously I love this product. It. Made. Me. Happy.”

“I, uh, can see that,” L. said.

I think it’s rare when you buy a product and you fall in love with it, that it does not just do what you thought it would but it makes your life easier, it surpasses your expectations.

This product for use on tile, hardware and other non-porous surfaces works like a gem. I first swept with my Swiffer which traps our puppy’s hair and other dust on the floor. Then  for the first use, you attach a bottle of cleaner (I bought the hardwood cleaner in orange) and off you go. It’s easy to use, there is no streaking and your floors are CLEAN.

Using the Swiffer WetJet saved me time and left our floors clean without a residue and more importantly without oily shine. I once enthusiastically used a product that is supposed to resurface your hardwood floors but instead made a skating rink out of our floors. Both L. and I and the puppy slipped on the floor for weeks until the shine wore off and we could stop walking around the first floor without holding on to the banister, the kitchen island or the wall.

From the Swiffer WetJet site:
Swiffer® WetJet® gives you a great clean on virtually any floor* in up to half the time.**

With a dual-nozzle sprayer and a strong-grip pole, this all-in-one cleaning system is designed to break up and dissolve tough messes smarter than a mop and bucket. Its uniquely designed solution penetrates layers of dirt and grime and traps and locks it deep into the WetJet pad. Plus, its unique scrubby strip breaks apart tough dried-on spots and messes.

Swiffer WetJet is a great buy at

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