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Monday, April 11, 2011

entertainme: the whimsy of a discovery

Yesterday afternoon I stopped for a couple books at Barnes & Noble. My goal was to run in and out but going along with this whole new "Why not?/ Say yes!" attitude I am embracing, I saw a sign that said 'event parking." It was drizzling (of course. It's Seattle) but I wandered over to see what the event was and I discovered a farmer's market in the middle of the University Village parking lot. I saw food stands (hot dogs) and fresh vegetables (the first radishes of the season were out!), local organic cheese producers and then I spotted a crowd.

A big crowd had gathered  around two puppies. It made sense that they were puppies because the SPCA van was there with pets for adoption. I got close and then I saw that they weren't puppies at all but baby goats, baby La Mancha goats. I was fascinated, thus the shaking video you're about to see.

Loved the goats. Everyone loved these baby goats. They may as well have been iridescent fairies handing out wishes. People were mesmerized. Especially since one of the goats had a cast on its little front leg (and in case you're wondering the cast didn't seem to bother this kid one iota.)

I fell in love with these frolicking goats and talked with the breeder. She said that they are incredibly smart and that they make great pets in the suburbs. I wondered how our puppy would feel about this. Then I saw the baby chicks. I fell in love. Again. And I wasn't alone. Adults (with no kids!) stood in line to hold the chicks and pet the chicken. I talked with the chicken lady about her chickens and I mentioned I would like Aracuna chickens which lay groovy aqua blue eggs. She told me her Americana chickens are also called Easter Egg Chickens because they can lay pink, green and blue eggs. I couldn't stand it. I came thisclose to bringing home two baby goats and three baby chicks (the chicken lady said you should have at least three chickens because they like to be in packs).

After I tore myself away from the baby goats and chickens I texted my husband.

Here is how it went:

Text 1 Happy Girl to husband: Guess what we're getting?

Then I texted him this picture:

Text 2: Oh, and are you OK with 3 of these?

Followed by this picture:

I called my sister-in-law Sue this afternoon and said "What do you think? Your brother's not really into the idea. Do you think I'm crazy?"

Sue laughed and said "I know what you're thinking. You're imagining going out to the henhouse on a sunny day in your frock and gathering your colorful eggs with flowers weaved into your hair."

"Yes," I said quite serious. "That is exactly what I am thinking."

Let's just say we're in the discussion stage of becoming gentlemen farmers.

The point is that last week wasn't lost on me. Should we have chickens? Maybe. Should we grow strawberries. Sure, why not. Should we savor every bit of every day and stretch our boundaries, yes,  yes we should. You never know what could be waiting for you around the corner.

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