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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

charming things: the best smelling t-shirts. ever.

I just came back from my morning run and as I was running in my neighborhood I kept smelling clean laundry. I thought maybe the crisp 60 degree sunny weather was allowing the dryer vent scent to drift to the sidewalk.  But as I ran past the garbage bins (Tuesday is collection day in my neighborhood) I realized that I should be smelling garbage and not clean laundry.

Then I realized it was me. I smelled like clean laundry. I had grabbed a fresh t-shirt and yoga pants from the laundry this morning and I had used a new product in addition to our usual Tide HE. In the wash I added Downy Unstopables, a fragrance additive that boosts the scent in your wash. I first saw this product at the BlogHer Expo last week, loved the Fresh Scent and picked it up at the market on Saturday. At $12.99 retail, the price is steep but the scent boost can last up to 12 weeks on a clean item. (So those sheets you rotate out will still smell good when you take them out of the linen closet.)

This is a product I will be using with every load of wash we do. You can vary the amount of scent you add by varying the level of fragrance beads you add to your wash. Downy Unstopables are available in Fresh Scent (think clean laundry hung out to dry in the sun) and Lush scent (strong floral). This product is HE, color and fabric safe.

Did I run longer because my t-shirt smelled so good? Maybe!

This is a definite Happy Thing.

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