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Sunday, September 18, 2011

charming things: etsy and myan photography

When I was on the road there were times that we were lucky enough to stay at Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica. I would get up early in the misty morning and go for a run on the boardwalk, listening to the Eagles live on my iPod with my hair tangling in salt air as I flew along the beach.
Not long ago I was on ETSY, the addictive site for handmade crafts. I stumbled upon this photographer, Myan,  who made me feel happy when I looked at her ethereal art. I browsed her dreamy collection of romantic, moody, soft, happy inducing images of Los Angeles and beaches and moments and I knew we had to have this particular piece of art.
Take a moment and really look at this piece. Yes, those bubbles are metallic and in our 16 x 20 piece of art hanging across from our bed it looks just like we rolled over and caught a slice of a soft, sweet morning on the beach in California.
Explore ETSY for your piece of happy and support artists who live every day getting their happy on.

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