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Friday, April 15, 2011

sublime: the healthiest food in a box--ever

Sometime during the night the box was left on our front step. They said it would arrive (quietly!) before 6am and it did!

The package was from Full Circle Farm, a local certified organic farm that delivers a box of  rainbow colored fruits and vegetables right to your home.

Last Sunday when I stumbled upon a farmer's market (yes, I realize this is my third post in a row that mentions farmer's markets!) after petting the baby goats and debated owning Americana chickens with the chicken lady I stopped by the Full Circle Farm booth to pick up some greens for dinner. That's when I discovered that this farm will deliver certified organic produce right to your door. On display was a BIG  box of beautiful, vibrant, lush, earthy vegetables.

I wanted in.

Typically each week at Whole Foods or The Metropolitan Market my bags are filled mainly with fruits and vegetables-- the perfect avocado, the orangest carrot, the fluffiest romaine. This is what has helped me lose 100 pounds since last June. While talking with, Kris, the Full Circle Farm guy,  I learned that they offer a year-round organic produce delivery service. I asked if the produce came from local farms and he said yes but they also partner with other organic farms because otherwise here in rainy, cool Seattle we would be getting deliveries of just kale and potatoes in the winter.  There is also an option to add items to our delivery like small batch artisan cheeses, organic eggs from free range chickens (we even know the farm these eggs are from!), free-trade coffee and fresh pasta made locally from heirloom wheat. There are different size boxes to choose from as well as weekly or bi-weekly options. I signed up on the spot (Part of my new attitude of Why Not?! It's been a big week for that!) As I was filling out the subscription form, there was a place to check out what we didn't want. The first thing I checked off was brussel sprouts. I did NOT want those. Kris saw what I was doing and said "No, no! Brussel sprouts are GREAT!"

"No, no they're not," I replied. I remember my mother serving brussel sprouts boiled in milk when I was a kid. Bad memory.

"Please just try our brussel sprouts. I'll give you my favorite recipe. Just try it once and if you still don't like it, you don't have to order them again. OK?!"

I studied him for a moment. "Ok, I said. One time but I'm not budging on okra or rutabegas."

I brought the box into the kitchen. Packaged carefully inside were lush, vibrant fruits, vegetables and eggs. I am irritatingly organized and I loved the fact that included was a list of what we were receiving that week (I had no idea what one of the green, leafy vegetables was) as well as a newsletter that included recipes and a feature on a local farm.

For $37 every other week, we have a box of health delivered on Thursday mornings. You know how you feel good just walking into Whole Foods? Now imagine feeling that way in your kitchen. I unloaded each item including several small paper bags filled with mushrooms and sugar snap peas. I started snacking on sugar snap peas. I've never snacked on sugar snap peas. I felt happy because not only were we doing something healthy for ourselves but we were also supporting organic farming and local farmers. This is something to feel good about.

This is what we received this week:

As I was unpacking our box I thought about how the universe comes together for you--serendipity, like the fact that I decided to take an Italian class last week and there just happened to be one starting in 4 days at the local college.

That day that I discovered Full Circle Farm at the University Village farmer's market I had just run to Barnes & Noble for some books including Kris Carr's "Crazy Sexy Diet" which is all about eating organic and vegan. Lately I am aware of coincidences. I think it's pretty wild that I buy a book about eating vegan and moments later at a special farmer's market event (that I have never seen at the mall before) I come across Full Circle Farm and their organic produce delivery program. I just love when life comes together likes this. It makes me feel like I am on the right path.

As I tasted the tangy tangelo, and the greenness of the sugar snap peas I felt like I was delivering happy nutrients right to every cell of my body. I envisioned the farmer planting the seeds and the rain dappling the leaves and the hardworking men and women who picked each one of these fruits and vegetables. I felt good about this choice.

If you are interested in organic produce delivery click here to discover a consumer supported agriculture farm in your area.

And did you notice? No brussel sprouts in this order. I had the fleeting thought that half the box might be this vegetable courtesy of Kris. I promise, though, that when we do get brussel sprouts I will try them and include Kris's recipe here.

Here's to one very life-changing week.

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