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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

entertainme: the happy pink belly of billy-g

How can you resist a pink belly?

Earlier this week my friend, Megan W. posted this video of a dog rescue on Facebook and it is so moving and happy. I had to share it here.  Watch the video then scroll down to see what happened to Billy-G.

I was so touched by Billy-G's story that I emailed Meg Thayer (who first noticed Billy-G living in the parking lot of the Natural History Museum)to see if Billy-G was still available for adoption but she gave me the good news that he has found a forever home. There are still thousands of dogs and cats available for adoption, though who have pink bellies just like Billy-G, ready for rubbing. (Try for animals available in your area.) If only a video like this could be made for every animal. If only there were more people with great big hearts like Meg Thayer, Jessica Garzilli Doyle and Eldad (who captured both Billy-G and the video.)

And thanks Megan for sharing this video on FB. Your puppy is so lucky to have you!

You are Happygirls and a Happyguy!


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