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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

entertainme: what would princess grace listen to?

A sweet alley in Monaco

As I write this it's grey and cloudy as Seattle can be in February but I'm listening to jazz radio live from Monaco and I can almost feel the sun on my shoulders. Thanks to you can listen to music from anywhere in the world from stations in the United States to Italy, Nepal, Brazil and Antarctica. It's easy to search for music by genre or location.

Jazz Radio from Monaco is happy and cool during the day (think blooming jasmine and the beach) and sultry and sexy at night (think Sade meets James Bond.) The breaks (spots) are in French but the music is almost 100% in English and mostly American. The playlist is quirky and fun and cool. I can imagine that this is what Princess Grace listened to as she frolicked with her children in the garden on the Grimaldi Palace on a sunny day in June. (Playing right now: Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga's version of "The Lady is a Tramp.")

Need to change your outlook? Transport yourself somewhere. In two minutes you can close your eyes, listen and be anywhere in the world.

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