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Monday, February 13, 2012

the happygirl guide to your love playlist

You're sitting there in chemistry class staring at the clock.

You know that right now the glee club is delivery the Valentine's Day flowers as their fundraiser as they do every year. For $3 students could buy a rose and have it delivered during second period.

There is the anticipation. Will you get a rose?

The door opens and everyone including the teacher turn expectantly to look at the door and the students who have an armload of flowers. You and your best friend make eye contact and smile nervously. You both know she'll get one from her boyfriend. Will you get one from your crush, the one who doesn't even know your name? Will you?

Your best friend gets the first rose, then another and another. One is from you, of course (just in case her boyfriend didn't remember). Your teacher blushes as she gets one (the principal bought a rose for each teacher) and you watch as the roses are handed out. The jocks laugh and pretend they don't care when they get a rose but inside they're breathing sighs of relief as they see get one.

You wait. Nothing yet. There are still four flowers left. Did he remember? The boy with the dimples and the long eyelashes? Did he remember? Does he know that at basketball games you secretly pray that he makes the baskets?

There are 4 more flowers. Please let one be from him. Just one. One.

Your best friend looks at her two roses then at you. She tilts her head at you and whispers "It's OK."

And the Glee Club boy you've known since third grade walks up to you, smiles and hands you all four flowers, each with a note- two are from your best friends ("We LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!") , one from your big sister ("You're not a bad little sister. Love ya!) and one, the very last one is from Him. All it says is "Will you?" "Yes, yes,"you think."

Life has never been happier. You have never been happier. You smile.

May this Valentine's Day, whether you are partnered up or not, may you always remember that feeling of being loved. This playlist should help you feel that way.

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