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Monday, March 19, 2012

entertainme: your spring happygirl playlist

One thing I will always remember about that Spring of my senior year of high school was the way the white lilacs bloomed outside my bedroom window. My grandfather had planted them for me when we moved into the house and for some reason the sweetness of the lilacs floating into my bedroom that Spring was so potent that even now when I close my eyes I can recall the scent so clearly that it brings tears to my eyes. I remember, too, falling asleep listening to Chicago and the way the cool evening air carried the sounds of crickets through my open window.

Spring has such promise. The grass is lush, windows are flung open to allow sunshiny air inside and we listen to music that makes us happy and kinda bouncy. I hope this Happygirl Spring Playlist accompanies some of your happy days this season!

(Click the play button before each song to hear a clip and use the scroll bar on the right to hear all 18 songs.)


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