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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

charming things: asics running shoes

When I decided that I was serious about losing weight and getting fit I started working out with a trainer and because I am an all or nothing girl I put in hours on the treadmill at the gym and suffered a torn ACL as well as limping my way every day with painful feet. My trainer recommended I see the podiatrist at the club but I blew that off. My grandmother went to a podiatrist who I am certain stocked enough menthol lotions in his office for every senior citizen in a retirement home in Massachusetts. However, pain triumphs ego and I made an appointment. 

Dr. Johnson was young and blonde and looked kind of like a superhero and so it was to him that I presented my bruised feet with black and blue toes. After X-rays and caring for the huge bruises on two nail beds (yes, he drilled a hole into the nails to relieve the swelling and blood), he measured my feet for orthotics and recommended several brands of running shoes that would help my feet in particular. Depending on how you walk/run, you may need a shoe for a high arch or other issues. 

After healing, I went to Nordstrom  (also known as Nirvana for shoe addicts) in Bellevue, WA and tried on several pair of the shoes Dr. Johnson recommended.  I tried on the Asics Kayanos and the angels started singing. As I walked around the store my feet felt supported and hugged. They were the exact shoe to help me achieve my goals AND they were adorable. I bought them and I ran and I ran and I ran. 

If you are a runner, or a walker, it's worth making an appointment with a podiatrist to find out if you are wearing the correct shoes. And yes, I did buy some energizing peppermint cream to massage my feet after a run and happily the scent reminds me of my grandmother. I had no idea she was a runner!

Happy running!

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