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Monday, June 11, 2012

the gadget you need: the olloclip

I am not a photographer.

I'm not.

But a couple weeks ago I took a picture that L. liked so much that he made it his screensaver.


This picture was taken with an iPhone and an accessory called the olloclip.

For the past few months we have been looking at cameras that can help me take better pictures for this website. Lately, I've really come to appreciate the depth of field photos (where the object close to you is in focus and the background is fuzzy. Like this:

We spent some time in camera shops exploring different high end cameras and lenses that will let me do this. A couple weeks ago, L., being the gadget guy that he is ordered an olloclip for me. It's a gadget that clips onto your iPhone and can take the depth of field photos I was looking for. I doubted it could because we were looking at $2k cameras and lenses. Could a $70 accessory do what I wanted?

(the olloclip is the small attached lens in the upper right corner of this picture. 
The stand does not come with it)

We slid the attachable lens over the lens on my iPhone and discovered what this gadget can do. This small accessory can expand your photography in three ways:

Here is an example of the fisheye lens:

An example of the Macro:

(that's lime zest grated over a lime on top of the lime tart)

This one $70 lens can take extraordinary pictures and yes it can work with Instagram and Hipstamatic apps. It also comes in a small bag complete with lens covers. Learn more about ordering an olloclip here.

See the complete FAQ from Olloclip here.

Maybe someday we'll invest in a high end camera but for now we are going to keep exploring with the iPhone and the Olloclip.

What do you think?

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