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Thursday, June 28, 2012

happy is...kitten feet

Yesterday was a rare sunny, perfect June day here in Seattle so I grabbed a big bowl of cool red grapes and walked over to my friend's house. She was wan't there but her mom was so we sat together at the kitchen table marveling at the perfect combination of sunshine + cool grapes. As we talked I felt something cold touch my ankle every so often. I thought it was in my head until I felt a bite.

I said "Linda, please tell me that you have a pet."

She laughed. "Yes! Look down! She got a kitten!"

When I looked down at my ankles there was a tiny orange kitten wrapping itself around my crossed ankles, as if he were trying to find a comfortable position in a hammock. I cooed. I picked him up. Dash promptly started meowing, making num-num-num noises then fell asleep upside down in my arms. It was one of the best sunny afternoons I've had in along time.

Sometimes all you need to be happy it the sweetest, furry little thing.

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