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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

the happy morning sip

When I was celebrity interviewer, most weekends I was lucky enough to work and stay at The Four Seasons on Doheny Drive in Los Angeles. Every morning I would wake up at 6am and head down to the gym out by the pool. I'd hop on my favorite treadmill by the lemon trees and run, listening to my Sweat playlist (Yes, "California Gurls" is on that list.") I'd think of questions I was going to ask the actors I would be interviewing at the junket in a few hours. (Brad Pitt: "So, what exactly was the last prank George Clooney played on you?").

One hour later I would walk the few steps over to the outdoor shower then take a dip in the pool. After a swim I would wrap myself into a big towel on a chaise lounge by the pool where a double espresso with half-and-half over ice would be waiting for me.  Having left rainy Seattle behind me, I'd look out at the palm trees and the way the California sunshine sparkled on the water. Sipping an eye opening cold espresso after a workout was bliss. It was my favorite way to start the day.

This morning I thought about recreating that feeling at home. So after a 3 mile walk I used our Nespresso machine to make a double espresso. I poured it over ice, added a little Silk creamer and that happy feeling blasted me. (OK, so maybe it WAS the caffeine just a little.) I started thinking about it and I realized that an easy way to bring back a happy memory is through taste.

Hot apple cider = autumn days in Northampton, Massachusetts
Hot tea + cream + sugar = Foggy London mornings
Dunkin Donuts coffee (regular = cream + sugar) = home in New England
The milk left in the bowl after eating Fruit Loops = Being a little kid
Peach wine coolers = college

These are my happy sips. What drink brings you right back to a happy moment?

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