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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

the alternative red solo cup

I get it. The red Solo cup is ubiquitous. You may hold it in your hand or close to your heart. The red Solo cup means parties in college (Hello, Tau Kappa Epsilon boys!) and backyard family barbecues on hot summer days (Hello, Auntie Hope!). Maybe red Solo cups are an American tradition that shouldn't be messed with like "Dirty Dancing" or Kraft Macaroni & Cheese (traditional blue box, of course.) Maybe.

The shape IS perfect. It fits in your hand well like a good solid chocolate chip cookie does. It holds enough liquid that you don't have to keep topping it off but it's not so big that you look like you've stumbled in from an all-nighter at an All-You-Can-Eat on the Strip. I get it. The red Solo cup is a tradition. Traditions can be tweaked, however. Kinda like using Hawaiian Tropic SPF 50 instead of the Hawaiian Tropic oil you used in high school. (Admit it, you like it for the smell anyway and that's still there.)

Last week I was in a party supply store looking for some new muffin cups when I stumbled across an entire aisle of pastel dinnerware and flatware. It looked like the Easter Bunny had run amok with Lucky Charms marshmallows. It was here that I found these robin's egg blue Solo-like cups. Yes, I bought a sleeve and yes when L., came home from work the other day (on a rare hot Seattle day) he found me sitting on the Adirondack chair on the deck sipping pink lemonade from this cup. He burst out laughing and said "Of COURSE you found a Solo cup in the Happygirl color." He smiled wider when I gave him his.

Life is challenging. Some days traffic is worse than others. Bills come when you least expect it. Hazy, hot and humid days can be irritating. So maybe part of being happy lies in the little things like a plastic party cup in a color that makes you happy. And if you make new happy memories talking to your favorite people in the world while sipping away, all the better.

You gotta love the red Solo cup, too. Here's Toby Keith's homage to that "Red Solo Cup."

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