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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

the guide to making elastic hair ties: a rainy summer's day project

Last week I was browsing in a sweet little boutique and on display were elastic hair ties. They were the ones that celebrities have been spotted in lately that make their ponytails look polished. Made of a length of colored elastic they are dainty, ladylike and bonus they look cute on your wrist. I am the kind of girl that always has hairbands on my wrist, in my cupholder or in my purse. Now, instead when I'm doing yoga or driving top down I can look like I planned for it to be a ponytail day. 

At $2.50 each however, I thought I could easily make the ties myself. They are, after all, just a length of elastic ribbon (similar to what you would find on lingerie) cut and tied. I went online and did a search for 'elastic hair tie supplies' and found a spectacular assortment on I ordered a bunch of colors and on a rainy day this week I started making elastic hair ties that cost just a few cents each to make. It's a simple project that you can do in under an hour. It takes about 30 seconds to measure, cut and tie an elastic hair tie. Here is how you do it. 

hair ties in shades of blue in the glassybaby courtney drinker

Elastic hair ribbon (found online or in some craft or fabric stores)
Fray Check (optional)

  • Measure length of ribbon to 9 inches and cut.
  • Fold ribbon in half with shiny side out and tie a knot towards the cut end, sliding the knot to approximately 1 inch from the cut ends.
  • optional: The ends can fray so I dip the ends quickly into Fray Check right after cutting the sections. It's invisible but it adds a nice finish onto the hair ties.

Once you get the hang of it, it's easier to measure and cut the ties first and then tie them later so you don't have to stop, cut and tie each one. This process is much faster this way. 

Making elastic hair ties is a fun, easy activity and they make a great gift if bottled in a Mason jar or glassybaby. 

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