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Monday, July 30, 2012

things to be happy about this week 7.30

farmstand peaches
Grab a ripe, juicy almost too good to be true summer peach and go sit outside contemplating 
the taste of summer.  For the ultimate summer dessert, try the 
Barefoot Contessa's Peach & Raspberry Cobbler recipe.

tuesday 7/31 is national mutt day
there's a dog out there just waiting to smile with you. 
Visit to find the next love of your life

the summer olympics
(courtesy of the Associated Press)
Invite some friends over to watch athletes who trained 10,000+ hours 
to become the best in their class. 
Vote on the fact the first person who points to the TV 
and says "I could do that" has to do 100 push-ups.

For U.S. athlete bios, schedule of events and more, download the 
NBC Summer Olympics On the Go app here. (You need this.)


"Excuse me, the milk is in aisle. . .?"

smell like a kid again
Use this and the playful five year-old in you will thank you. 
You'll be reminded of those wonderful long summer days 
when you were a kid on your bike flying down the hill for an ice cream.

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