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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

the guide: how to make your business card stand out

It was an accident, really. I was packing my things for the upcoming BlogHer12 Conference on my desk. This included my business cards. At the time I was also working on the elastic hair-ties (instructions here) at my desk when it hit me. What if I wrapped a hair-tie onto my card? I did and it fit so perfectly that I made 400 more to bring to NYC for the BlogHer12 conference.

Were they a hit? Yes! At first people thought it was a ribbon decorating the card but then they saw the elastic hair-tie on my ponytail and on my wrist and they laughed. Throughout the conference it was actually how I was identified. Someone I had given a card to was with someone else who wanted one. When they saw me they would say "That's the Happygirl! Go get a card!" I ended up giving away all of my cards as well as the extra hair ties I carried with me in my bag. By the end of the conference I saw Happygirls everywhere with the hair-tie in ponytails and on wrists as bracelets.

With so many business cards exchanged at a conference, it was a little thing that hopefully made the card stand out. Other options to make your card one that they save: letterpress, a different shape, an unusual material like vinyl or vellum or even scented! I received one last week that smelled like the sea! I kept it! Do you have a memorable card? If so, we'd love to see it!

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