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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

the "it" boots you want this fall- the hunter champery

I have a thing for riding boots, the kind of boots you pull on that make you feel like you'd fit right in in your jodhpurs and black cashmere turtleneck meeting pals William & Kate for a pint in SoHo on a sunny Saturday afternoon. The problem with riding boots is that they can be high maintenance and in inclement weather, your feet will get uncomfortably soaked. There are, of course, the iconic green Hunter Wellington boot, the footware that will keep you dry yet looking like you ARE wearing rainboots and you just might have dashed out in the middle of gardening.

these are the llbean boots I wore throughout high school and college. 
it was the east coast and combined with jeans and an irish fishermen's sweater 
it was the epitome of east coast prep

these are the original Hunter boots affectionally called "Wellies" (short for Wellington)
my husband bought me these the first christmas we moved to seattle

So fashion or function?

Enter the Hunter Champery black boot with the wedge heel, the boot that you can wear in the city to meet your stylish friends at a pub as well as a walk along with country moors with your dogs. Imagine your Hunter Wellies + your Frye riding boots hooked up and the result was a fashionable workhorse of a boot with impeccable heritage and Vulcanized rubber to keep your feet cozy and dry and after all, dry feet are happy feet! Bonus #1: They're comfortable. I could walk Manhattan blocks in these. Bonus #2: They make your legs look looooooong.

These are the boots you will wear for:
  • The farmer's market
  • Football games
  • Walking the dog
  • Dashing out on a rainy Sunday morning for muffins and coffee
  • Meeting the girls for drinks after work
  • First date at that Italian restaurant with the great cannoli
  • The kids' soccer games
  • Building a snowman
I was going to wait to feature these until the weather starts to feel more like fall but the black version is almost completely sold out on If you need new boots this season, get these now. (They are available at

Now, just in case you are called to meet those friends in a pub, you'll be ready to roll. 

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