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Friday, August 31, 2012

the scene before the wedding

It isn't often that my husband and I dress alike. Though, whenever we board the Martha's Vineyard ferry, invariably we both tend to gravitate towards sky blue shirts (linen for me, cotton for L.) and bisque colored pants (linen capris for me, much loved/worn in chino shorts for L.)

And so, when we we dressed for our dear friends (Eric & Chloe) wedding this week I didn't consciously dress us alike but somehow it worked out that way. L. was away on business and arrived home just before the wedding and there waiting for him was a new black suit, crisp white shirt and a striped aquamarine bow tie. When he saw the suit he smiled approvingly but he stopped when he saw the bow tie.

"A bow tie? Really?" He held it up.

I was in my robe getting ready with hot rollers in my hair. I smiled at him. "A bow tie! The last bow tie you wore was at our wedding." I was elated. He would look amazing.

"There's a reason for that." He looked at the bow tie bemused. "But, OK, if you think so."

Half an hour later as we stepped out to the car, I smiled when I looked over at L. With my black dress and signature earrings and L.'s black suit and aquamarine bow tie, we made a perfect match just like we did on our wedding day. I am yours and you are mine. Ever mine, ever thine.

Happy anniversary, to my best friend and the love of my life. I'm a lucky girl. All my love.

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