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Monday, September 3, 2012

the happygirl september giveaway

Yes, summer is lush with long, wonderful sunny lazy days by the pool with the aura of Coppertone always in the air. It is flip-flops, juicy peaches and indigo nights around the fire pit. It's tan legs, a simple white linen dress, tousled hair with the top down and road trips accompanied by groovy music. 

Oh, summer, you are lovely. 

And then. Then, one morning in September you recognize that unmistakable crispness in the air when you step outside. September is a cashmere sweater thrown over a white oxford shirt and boyfriend jeans. It's the smell of the apple cider doughnuts at the farm stand and the wood fires warming homes as you go for your run after work. 

Oh, September, you are cozy.

I love September. I love freshly sharpened pencils and the promise of new notebooks. I love green plaid (a carry over from Parochial school) and the way the moon looks so crisp and close on an autumn night.

So it was only logical then, that the September Happygirl Giveaway would include the Hudson glassybaby. (I'm bathed in the glow of the Hudson as I type this.) The handblown Hudson is like a cashmere heather sweater with its warmth. The color-- the color is the exact shade of the sky at twilight on a fall evening. It is blue with a bit of green and the amber glow recalls the warmth of a fireplace on a cool night. The Hudson is soothing. It is comfortable like a hug from the one you love. It is the one you turn to to feel safe. This is Hudson. 

More? OK. I recently started designing a line of simple jewelry for a shop in Cape Cod that will be carrying The Happygirl line. I've been debating which gems to work with and last weekend I attended a gem show where I found some Mystic Topaz stones that had the same glow as the Hudson candlelight. I like the way this gem adds a little mystery to the wearer. I hope you like this pair. 

To enter to win the Hudson glassybaby and Mystic Topaz gold-filled leverback earrings, leave a comment here and tell us why September makes you happy. We'll feature some of your comments on the blog throughout the month as well.

From all of us here in The Happygirl Studio, we hope this month finds you happy, healthy and loving every bit of the cool sunny days and crisp cuddle-worthy nights.

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