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Monday, October 1, 2012

143 days until disney's princess 1/2 marathon

Yesterday I started a Detox/Cleanse to give my training for Disney's Princess 1/2 Marathon a quick start. To get my head ready to do this 1/2 marathon (my first) yesterday my friends created this reminder in sidewalk chalk in front of our home. This made me so happy I wept last night when I went out to look at it again. I've never done something like this and right now the idea of me running a 1/2 marathon is right up there with me becoming an astronaut. Close to impossible but what if? What if I can do this?

Are you registered for the 1/2 Marathon on February 24th at Walt Disney World? If so, how are you preparing your body and your mind?

This is going to be amazing! Right?

Nikes and a tiara. I'm ready.

Thank you Trudy, Sophie and Trinity for the encouragement!

Want to feel encouraged? Watch this video.

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