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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tortilla Soup in 10 Minutes (and it's healthy!)

I was on my way home from Italian class pondering the many, many merits of fast food (having skipped breakfast and lunch) when I got a call from Chef Joy.

Chef Joy: Hey Happygirl. I'm thinking lunch.

Happygirl: Yes! I'm thinking I need lunch. Right. Now. I'm staring at McDoanld's.

Chef Joy: No! Do you have salsa and chicken broth? Tortilla chips?

HG: I have pico de gallo, broth and tortilla chips. Why? 

Chef Joy: Great! I'll meet you at your house!

Less than 10 minutes later I was home and ten minutes after that Chef Joy and I were enjoying tortilla soup AKA Huevos Revueltos con Salsa Roja. (Typically, this being Huevos, this soup would have an egg on top but the texture of eggs weirds me out so we went with avocado on my soup.) 

Tortilla Soup Recipe
(Huevos Revueltos con Salsa Roja if you make this the correct way with eggs)

for 2 people

1 jar of salsa (we used pico de gallo in this soup because I didn't have jarred salsa)
2 cups of chicken broth (we used organic low sodium)
1 cup of tortilla chips
1 egg


Place some tortilla chips in a soup bowl.  

In a small pot on the stove add chicken broth and salsa. Heat on medium-high. Cook for ten minutes. 

In the last minute or so of the soup coming together, in a small pan scramble one egg until it is just set (don't overcook it.) Set aside.

Pour salsa/broth (now soup) mixture over tortilla chips. They will become soft and noodle-like. It's genius.

Add egg to top of soup. Or avocado.


  • This is a soup that can become your go-to meal when you are starving and about to make a poor choice for a meal or snack. If you have chicken broth, salsa and tortilla chips in your cupboards, you've got soup.
  • For more protein, add black beans (when you add the salsa) or warm cooked shredded chicken / cooked white fish when you would add the egg. 
  • This soup is perfect for camping or as Chef Joy tells me she prefers it--for breakfast.

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