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Monday, November 12, 2012

five things to be happy about this week

1.  Wednesday is National Guacamole Day

Here is the easiest and best guacamole recipe I've ever tried (short of that taco stand on the beach in Baja.) 

Mash three large ripe avocados with 1 cup of prepared fresh pico de gallo (found in the vegetable aisle at your local market). No chopping tomatoes, onions or cilantro!

2.  This video by Florence and the Machine.

Turn up your speakers and listen to the voice that will tickle your little old soul.

3.  The fact that people like Newark Mayor Cory Booker exist

During Superstorm Sandy, Mayor Booker not only stepped into deep water to help his constituents, he even went so far as to invite displaced folks to stay in his home. If you don't already like this guy on Facebook or follow him on Twitter, do it now. You'll be uplifted by the good deeds of this guy who just might very well be President someday. He can even get you Hot Pockets if you ask nice enough.

4.  These magical squares

Honestly, I have no idea how these Mr. Clean Magic Erasers work but when you add water to the sponge, it becomes a supercharged eraser of all grime and dirt. I've used it to erase scuff marks near our front door, rubber marks on the floors and even soap scum in the shower when nothing else worked. I'm afraid if I ever become a hoarder, it will be because I've stockpiled these.

5. This story about two gay penguins becoming dads


You know the story. Boy Penguin meets boy penguin. They fall in love and want a baby penguin so they try everything including attempting to steal another penguin's egg but nothing works. But this couple finally gets their happy ending, their very own baby penguin. May we recommend the name Henry? Awwww.

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