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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

inspiration #61: getting out of hibernation {insights}

It's been a blah winter here in Seattle. Just rain, mist, fog and gray days on end. It's hard to get motivated when your primal urge is to hunker down with some heavy carbs and hibernate until spring.

Normally I would do this. Every other year since we moved to Seattle I have hibernated in the winter. I seem to follow the sun's rhythms and be still until the daffodils bloom again. And every year I have felt a little depressed, affected by the lack of sun and the unending days of wet + gray.

This year I did something different. Instead of looking outside at the rain while I was cozy inside eating mac & cheese, I laced up my running shoes, threw on an anorak and I went out there. I wasn't fast or particularly happy about working out in the rain and every step I took I was annoyed but when I came home soaking I realized I was happy and proud of myself for doing something when I didn't want to. I've gone out there pretty much every day this winter. I worked out until I was sweating. In my mind I envisioned all the negative thoughts, insecurities and toxins evaporating through my skin. It felt good. Each workout was an opportunity to start fresh.

I saw this quote above earlier this week and I posted it on a vision board in my workspace. With every workout, with every crying session, with every time I am barefoot at the sea, I feel refreshed, I feel new. I feel happy. I thought back in my life and I realized that pretty much any issue that caused me angst was eased by either working out HARD, crying it out or sitting on the beach looking out at the ocean and gaining perspective on my life.

Come to think of it salt water taffy is a pretty good cure for the 'unhappies' as well.

How do you change your perspective when you feel stuck or unhappy?

Happy Wednesday!
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