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Friday, February 1, 2013

things to love about february

1. January is over. OVER.

2. Super Bowl XLVII is on the 3rd which means you have two more days to get that big screen TV.

3. There is a great excuse to eat chocolate coming on the 14th. 

4. Spring begins in 46 days. 

5. This winter month is short by 2 days. Yey.

6. President's Day (18th) throws in a nice three day weekend. Schedule that sunny getaway now.

7. The Westminster Dog Show is the 11th-12th which is what will inspire you to remember how much you love dogs after which you will go to your local shelter and adopt a new friend who can probably snuggle and catch a Frisbee better than the pups in the show.

8. The Academy Awards take place on the 24th (ABC 7pm ET/4pm PT). If you're not nominated, schedule your own watching party now.  Download the Oscars app or if you roll old school here's a printable list of the nominees.

9. National Margarita Day is the 22nd. Plan accordingly. Here's all you need.

10. Mardi Gras, Paczki and Shrove Tuesday are on the 12th. If you observe, Lent begins on the 13th so if you're giving up chocolate or sweets, now's the day to eat those Valentine's Day truffles.

This red envelope (available on Amazon) features
 the Chinese symbol for happiness

11. Chinese New Year is on February 10th. Give someone you love $8 in a red envelope. (The number 8 is considered good luck, a red envelope is a symbolic offering to wish someone good fortune in the new year.) Wear a new red shirt to ward off bad fortune and evil spirits.

12. Make your guy's day. Take him to see "A Good Day to Die Hard" opening on February 14th.  Remember how much you love him every time he says "Yippee-ki-yay, mother***er!" with glee.

13. New albums releasing in February include:

 Bjork's "Bastards" (2/5)
 Josh Groban's "All That Echoes" (2/5)
 Tim McGraw's "Two Lanes of Freedom" (2/5)
 Buckcherry's "Confessions"(2/19)

More to come. . .

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