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Friday, March 15, 2013

casamigos tequila {review}

I have fantasies. 

These fantasies involve L. and I packing up our family and moving to a vineyard by the sea in the South of France where we can press our own olive oil and wine and on balmy nights by the Mediterranean we enjoy the fruits of our labor on the terrazzo. I thought perhaps our small batch olive oil and wine would be called Apres-Soleil (after-sun.) I have given this some thought.

Someone else who has given this some thought is George Clooney, who recently launched what was previously a friends-only run of their tequila- Casamigos (house of friends.) The story goes that George and his pal for 20+ years, Rande Gerber have houses next to each other in Cabo and their love of tequila is what encouraged them to launch their own brand along with their pal, Mike Meldman. Let's take a moment here and imagine these guys and their pals hanging out by the beach at night drinking tequila shots. THAT is a party to be invited to. Now it is kind of possible to join their party with the release of Casamigos.  Sold in both the Blanco and Reposado versions, Casamigos is slowly rolling out across the United States and as of today, is available in 12 states, including New York, California, Florida, Texas, Nevada and Washington. 

I appreciate tequila. In college I was a Bartles & Jaymes Fuzzy Navel wine cooler girl, then in my 20's I was a Cape-Codder kind of girl and now I am a tequila neat girl. Just a shot, with lime and salt on the side. No ice. Last year,  my friend A., taught me how to drink tequila properly as we sampled tequila flights (samplers) and I learned that Blanco (white) means a tequila is un-aged or aged less than two months.  Reposado (rested): The tequila is aged from two months to one year in oak barrels. Anejo (aged): Tequila is aged one to three years in oak barrels. A tequila flight is a great way to try new tequilas. In a sample tequila flight you can try a small (1/2 shot) of several different brands and intensities. By sampling tequila I wouldn't have tried in the past, I discovered I like either Reposado or Anejo. Both seem to have a more intense, robust flavor without the tequila 'burn'.

In the past my brand of choice is Patron. So, would Casamigos be enough to sway me?

Watch this short film titled "It Could Happen"

Casamigos: The Review

The Casamigos bottle is beautiful. It's clean and classic -- the kind of bottle that would look at home in Frank Sinatra's hand or propped in beach sand. Pop open the cork and inhale. There's a hint of oak along with the blue agave. I poured the tequila into a caballito ("little horse," Sp.), a narrow shot glass. I didn't opt for the salt because I wanted the true, pure taste of the Casamigos but I did prepare lime slices. I sipped slowly. I tasted tequila, of course, but also caramel and a bit of oak. I swear to God, I could almost taste the salt air.  This tequila instantly became my new favorite. Sure, it's fun knowing the provenance of this liquor but even without the star power behind this brand, this tequila is the one your favorite sailing-the-world-because-he-can uncle would bring you back from his travels just because he always brings you treasured things.

How to enjoy: 

Drink simply in a shot. I followed with a slice of lime and I could almost feel the sun on my face. 

We'll serve this at our next dinner party with tortilla chips and the Pasilla de Oaxaca salsa I made earlier this week.

I can also see sipping Casamigos while slipping into a hot bath scented with Jo Malone Orange Blossom after a stressful day. 

Just enjoy. Enjoy. 

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