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Friday, March 29, 2013

happy things: jo malone sugar & spice collection

There is something about comfort scents that instantly make you happy. Take the cake above, for instance. Look at it. Can you almost smell the sweet cream frosting? And inside, raspberry filling on layers of pure white, soft, fluffy cake. You're smiling right now, aren't you? I am as I write this. Cake is a happy scent, as is lemon tart, ginger biscuit and bitter orange and chocolate-- all delicious treats but also new scents in the Jo Malone Sugar & Spice limited edition cologne collection.

Last week, I attended the Sugar & Spice debut at a very ladylike cake party at the Nordstrom in Bellevue, WA. At this event we sampled the new colognes along with the sweets that inspired them -- a lemon tart as we tried the new Lemon Tart fragrance. There was the ginger biscuit followed by the Ginger Biscuit scent, red currant and cream pastry followed by the Red Currant & Cream cologne, gooseberry sweets with the Elderflower & Gooseberry cologne and finally orange with chocolate treats and Bitter Orange & Chocolate cologne.

Before you think "Oh, gosh, I do not want to smell like cake." The new colognes (which are available for a limited time) don't smell like you've just made pastries. Rather, they are inspired by these delicate treats.  After trying the five new scents my favorites were the Bitter Orange & Chocolate which when layered over Orange Blossom (my signature scent) left me feeling uplifted and happy. It added depth to my favorite white blossom cologne. This combination is what I would wear to an evening cocktail party. I also loved the Elderflower & Gooseberry which reminded me of a cool summer morning. It was the kind of clean scent perfect for a summer wedding. For my husband, I loved Ginger Biscuit. It was a warm scent that reminded me of cozy days in autumn by the fire.

We are biologically wired to like the smell of food, especially sweet foods. These new scents by Jo Malone definitely hit that primal note in us. I looked around at the event and all I saw were smiles. These new scents? Definitely a happy thing.

The Jo Malone Sugar & Spice collection is available at Nordstrom for a limited time only.

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