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Friday, March 8, 2013

why march is so awesomely happy

Saturday, March 9th
Set your clocks forward one hour this Saturday night  before you go to bed and on Monday when you get out of work it will still be light out, giving you plenty of time for that bike ride you said you would start doing every day after work. (Do it. No one ever said "Oh, wow, I wish I hadn't taken that beautiful bike ride.")

Thursday, March 14th 
It's Pi day. Celebrate by making this.

Sunday, March 17th 
It's St. Patrick's Day. Feel free to wear a "Kiss me I'm Irish!" pin. You know you did it in high school. Do it now.

Tuesday, March 19th
Are you a gamer? March is awesome for you then. "Gear of War Judgment" drops today and "Bioshock Infinite" on March 26th.

Tuesday, March 19th
Justin Timberlake's album "The 20/20 Experience" releases today. Yeah, it's THAT good. 

Wednesday, March 20th
The Vernal Equinox is on Wednesday during a quarter moon. Shed your clothes and go dancing outside in the moonlight with your partner. This heralds good luck to your Spring and Summer. That and fertility. So it's up to you just how crazycakes you want to get with being naked in the moonlight. Yey, Spring!

Friday, March 22nd
Tina Fey's new film "Admission" releases.  Now if only she could live right next door. I'll bet if you borrow a cup of sugar from her, she's invite you in for a cup of coffee and maybe some cinnamon coffee cake.

Saturday, March 23rd 
It's National Corn Dog Day. Oh, yes, your favorite state fair food is what's for dinner tonight. Have a party. Corn dogs + beer. Kinda kitschy but kinda cool too.

Friday-Saturday March 22nd-24th
If you're in New England, PAX East is March 22nd-24th in Boston. If you're a gamer, you gotta go. Meet Xbox's Major Nelson while you're there.

Friday, March 25th 
Passover begins the 25th. Call your parents and tell them you'll be home for Passover Seder. Put it in your calendar now.

Sunday, March 31st
It's Easter. Spread the love. Surprise people with a chocolate bunny lollipop. Your doorman? Your priest after Easter Mass? Your partner who thinks he's too old for a lolly? No one is too old for a lolly, especially not a bunny made of CHOCOLATE.

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