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Monday, April 1, 2013

a happy girl: supermodel Sarah Deanna {a smitten interview}

Audrey Hepburn said "I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls." It's true. Think about a happy girl. What does she look like? When a girl is healthy and happy and in her "zone" she is the prettiest girl in the room. Sure, a beauty is a good thing, but what matters just as much if not more is how much a girl likes herself. How comfortable she is her body translates directly to how good she feels about herself and how the world sees her. Someone who knows this correlation well is supermodel, Sarah DeAnna, author of the new book "Supermodel YOU." I had the chance to catch up with Sarah at  Fashion Week in New York to talk about what makes a happy girl. Be prepared. You're going to fall in love with this girl. 


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The Happygirl: Hi Sarah! It's a busy week here at Fashion Week!

Sarah DeAnna: It is! 

HG: Let's dive in. You wrote the book "Supermodel YOU." What made you want to write this book?

Sarah: I never thought I would write a book. I am super super passionate about health and fitness and I will research these topics and learn everything I can about a topic. As a model I thought it was something important that I learn about and here I am in an industry that is obsessed with models being crazy thin. I know a lot of girls who don't know how to be thin and healthy at the same time. I was the healthy girl that was appropriate in my body shape and size and yet I could still be healthy. I realized that this message needed to be out there on a bigger scale. 

HG: In the book you talk about the five keys of bringing out your inner supermodel. What are some of those keys? 

Sarah: Everybody knows about eating and exercise but to be honest these are not the most important things. Other things govern these. I was fascinated in that there is no set diet that a model follows. Most models don't exercise. We all eat different things. Yes, diet and exercise are important but what regulates those? I read that sleep contributes to obesity, weight gain and throws your hormones out of whack. If you're tired you don't want to work out and you want to eat more. People think models are out partying all the time, but we're not. Healthy models know that we need to get our beauty sleep. That helps maintain your body and gives you energy to move your body. 

Sarah:  Stress is another enormous thing that can impact your weight. I found out that the #1 leading cause of stress is financial. This affects your security.  Stress can make your hormones go crazy. 

Sarah: The most important key, actually, is self-awareness. If you lack self-awareness you can't make changes in your life. This is related to self-consciousness. Most healthy models have good self-awareness. Most models have a good grasp on self-awareness versus self-consciousness.  We constantly have to know everything about our physical body.  There are so many aspects of being self-aware that transfer to the rest of your life.  In the book I teach how what I learned as a model can help you feel empowered and feel good.  

HG: When you're not feeling empowered what is the easiest way to get your mojo back? 

Sarah:  It's funny. I talk about this in the book. When I am feeling that way, negativity seeks in it's because one of the keys is out of whack. For example, it's proven that if you don't sleep well, that day you'll be more negative. So I will evaluate the keys. Then I can fix it. Or maybe it's stress and I'll try to alleviate the stress. For me it's crying it out, going to the gym, relaxing, getting a massage, listening to music. . .Music is super important to me so we put different playlists in the book. Different models gave us their playlists for different moods.

Need a lift? Watch Kelly Clarkson's "Stronger" video. 

HG: Is there a song that you can listen to and it makes you think "Yeah, I've got it back."

Sarah:  I do. There is a playlist that is in the book. It's all about super powerful girl songs by Beyonce, Christina Aguilera ("Beautiful"), Kelly Clarkson ("Stronger"). You hear these songs and you feel like an amazing, beautiful, woman. 

HG: Sarah, I know you travel a lot. What do you bring with you that helps you keep healthy and happy  when you're away from home?

Sarah: Traveling is crazy stressful. Especially for a model because often things are so last minute. I have learned to develop a routine. I have go-to outfits that I wear when I travel. It's usually freezing on planes. You want to be comfortable in your shoes as well. I always have my headphones and my eye mask. I always always have snacks on me when I travel. Always. I always have food in the glove books, protein bars, fruit, nuts, coconut water, water. People often confuse hunger with thirst so I always carry water. 

HG: Is there a protein bar or a flavor that you like? 

Sarah:  Chocolate anything? (laughs) I have a chocolate affliction.

HG: What is your happy place? 

Sarah: The beach. Anywhere that is hot, a sauna. . .People think I am crazy but you know the temperature inside a sauna? That is my ideal temperature. I don't really sweat. I should have been born somewhere super super hot. 

HG: Sarah, what things make you happy?

Sarah: Music. This sounds crazy but I love the gym. I really love it.  It is a space that is my time. Sometimes I will just go and move my body. I really love that. I love sleeping. I love a good night's rest. I love raw food. Raw chocolate, anything raw because it's just pure yumminess. I like really intellectual conversations that are highly charged even if it's above my head. I am a total nerd. I will watch university lectures. I geek out on that kind of stuff. (laughs)  (Ed. note: So she's beautiful, nice, funny and smart.)  I swear by Dr. Alkaitis. It is raw, organic and amazing. I get so many compliments on my skin. Makeup artists always say that they love my skin. It's very healthy looking. I love Levi's. They are the epitome of jeans. They are classic. There is something about Levi's that I love. 

HG: Do you have a happy outfit that you put on when you want to feel sexy and cute? 

Sarah:  (laughs) You mean like these leopard print pajamas that I'm wearing right now? I bought these at Nordstrom and I love them. They're so worn out but I love it. 

HG: Sarah, I loved talking with you and the message in your book about how to put your best self forward is so empowering. 

Sarah:  I think it's important to try your best to be happy.

HG: It can be a struggle every day to try to get your happy back. I believe that it all happens for a reason though.

Sarah:  It does, doesn't it? 

HG: It's been great talking with you, Sarah. Thanks for sharing what you learned along the way as a healthy, happy model. 

"Supermodel YOU" is available now online and in bookstores nationwide.

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