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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

the Dedicating Miles Experiment

I am not a runner. I am a fairly uncoordinated girl who tries her best to run. Really, I walk with sprints of running. I try my hardest. I think that counts. Between walking/running + eating well I have lost 80 pound since autumn. Some days it's easy but some days it's hard.

I don't want to walk in the rain.
I don't want  to walk if I'm cranky.
I don't want to walk when I'm cold. Or hot.

So, on April 2nd I launched an experiment. (Full story here.) Each mile I run/walk I would dedicate to someone I know. Perhaps it would be a family member or a colleague or a former classmate. As I hiked each mile I would think about this person. I would ask God to watch over them. I would send all my good thoughts to them. When I started doing this on April 3rd I realized that this experiment makes me WANT to go out and walk even in the rain or the hail or whatever Mother Nature surprises us with here in Seattle.

Since April 2nd, I have dedicated 40 miles to family, friends and colleagues. In the wake of what happened yesterday at the Boston Marathon, I feel like running/walking is the only thing I can control. To you, my friends, who walked with me on each of these miles, thank you for inspiring me. I'll keep going everyday. Because I can.

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