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Monday, May 6, 2013

happy things: the beach cruiser

There's something so lovely about a leisurely bike ride after dinner.  When the sun is sighing low and the breeze blows the fragrance of jasmine blooms around you, it's instant happiness. Tilt your face up to the sunshine, inhale the scent of fresh cut lawns and look over at your love pedaling next to you. It's the  most wonderful way to spend a summer evening.

I've been looking for the perfect bikes for L. and I and I think I found them. For women it's the Huffy Nel Lusso Women's Beach Cruiser. For under $130 at Walmart the cruiser comes with everything you need to enjoy a bike ride, including a cup holder(!) for your iced coffee and a front basket for your french bread and produce from the farmer's market. There is also the men's version here. Both can delivered right to your front door.

Even if the beach is more than a couple miles from your home, you'll still feel that wind blow through your hair when you ride your beach cruiser bike through town. Plus, you'll look adorable.
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