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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

happy things: the guide to beachy hair


During the summer when I was eight years-old, my grandfather would drop me off at the public pool in our town. With the red plastic pool badge attached to my rainbow swimsuit and $1 for snacks tucked under the sole of my right sneaker I was set for the day. I loved swimming, yes but at this pool was a lifeguard that I was crazy about. She wore a red swimsuit with a white long-sleeve t-shirt but what I loved most was her hair. She looked like a mermaid to me with long, blonde, wavy hair. I wanted to be her. Funny, I still think of her every summer. I still think of chlorine and happy summer hair.

I have pin straight hair but I've always wanted the sort of tousled, lovely, sunkissed look. In the past I've tried to use a regular curling iron to get this look but I ended up with big wavy curls like I was going to the prom, not the kind of natural looking curls that mean beachy hair.

When I was in Florida this past week, I found this new curling iron that definitely looks odd but creates easy, imperfect, beachy hair. The Goody Heat Wave Creator Styling Iron is easy to use and the first time I used it, I got the exact look I was hoping for.

How to Get Beachy Hair

Wash your hair with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. (I used Finesse -- mainly because I love the way it smells.)

Towel dry and comb through.

Follow with mousse or styling gel. (I used Finesse mousse -- again because I like the scent.)

Using a hair dryer, dry your hair all the way through, just using your fingers to comb through your hair. 

When your hair is completely dry, take a two inch wide section of hair and wrap it around the barrel. It can go over the round bumps and in the little valleys. This is what will give your hair a natural look with different size curls.  Leave 1 to 2 inches free at the end. Hold for 30 seconds and unwrap hair. Do not comb through. 

Move onto the next section, wrapping hair around the barrel. It doesn't matter if you wrap forward or backwards. 

Once you wrapped all the sections of your hair, shake curls loose. I didn't add any further product and my hair stayed beachy looking throughout the day and evening. If your hair needs a little hold, follow with a light hairspray but the key to beachy hair is movement so don't overdo it with hairspray. 

Apply sunscreen (I like Coppertone) before you go out and you'll be protected AND adorable! 

Have you tried beachy hair? If you have, send us your photos and we'll post them here!

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