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Thursday, May 9, 2013

the last minute mother's day gift: the gift of music

We were tossing around ideas on what to get Mom for Mother's Day. Flowers, chocolates, a gift card to her favorite salon? Her kids are all around the country. We wanted to chip on something GREAT. Then we had a brainstorm "Let's ask her!" So, we called her.

"Mom, help us out. What would you like for Mother's Day?"

"I love you kids. All I need is for you to call now and then. Every day I hear from you is like Mother's Day."

"Mooooooom! Really? That's it?" we asked.

"You kids are clever. I'm sure you'll come up with something lovely."

So, no pressure. Right. 

We know Mom loves music so we decided to get her a new iPod Nano and load it with music (her favorites + ours). We liked the thought of Mom listening to Lady Gaga (she LOVES her) while preparing vegetables for her infamous Summer Salad.  (Yes, she has an iPhone with some music but Mom likes listening to music in her kitchen/great room and her iPhone is usually docked in her office.) 

A quick stop into the Apple store and within an hour we had combined the playlists from all the kids and loaded her new device. Along with this wireless speaker, Mom's hooked up. For the same price as all of us sending Mom flowers, she can now listen to her favorite music anywhere in her house or even by the pool off the lanai. It warms our heart to know that when she hears "Your Smiling Face" she'll think of the summer we all spent on Martha's Vineyard or "Isn't She Beautiful?" which will no doubt remind her of her three impish granddaughters. 

In addition to the Nano ($149) other options include  the iPod Shuffle ($49),  or the iPod iTouch ($299).

What songs would you put on your mom's playlist?

Happy Mother's Day!

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