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Monday, June 17, 2013

inspiration #1,612: this time from Claire's

We have three tween nieces. Last week during my two week trip back home in Massachusetts for  every time we stopped into the mall we had to hit Claire's. I watched as the girls explored the bright, sensory overload accessory store like mice discovering delicious bits of cheese spread out in a field. 

"Auntie Taylor, LOOK! Socks! With Pegasi! No wait. UNICORNS! Wait! Which ones fly? Right. PEGASI!" C., was holding the rainbow striped socks up for me to see. They were exactly what a tween girl would go crazy for. That and every accessory with the One Direction band members on it. 

I let the girls explore and wondered why I never went to this store when I was teenager. Clearly, I missed out. Then I saw this sign "NEVER LET ANYONE DULL YOUR SPARKLE." Of every neon, sequined, glittered, pink item in the store, this one made me smile. 

There will be people who are cranky and don't want you to be happy. 

There will be people who are jealous of you and will try to take away your happy. 

There will be people who want you have. 

Don't let them steal your thunder. Don't let them take away your happiness. Sparkle. Be happy. Love yourself. And buy Pegasi socks for your favorite little girl because seeing her skip along wearing these knee socks is a happy thing.

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