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Thursday, June 13, 2013

the happygirl guide to. . .making a paperweight

There is something very simple and satisfying about a paperweight. It's something that's both functional and personal. Recently I've looked at a few from Kate Spade and other designers. The pricepoints were between $30-$72. I wondered if I could make them for less. I stopped into Ben Franklin (our local craft store) and found everything I needed for this project for under $10. Taking less than 15 minutes, this project was quick and rewarding. With Father's Day this weekend, this might be just the thing to remind dad of how much he means to you (mermaids or not.)

How to make a personalized paperweight

What you need (all items available at the craft store)
1 blank glass paperweight
Mod Podge (I used the sparkle version)
Heavyweight scrapbook paper or other design 
Foam paintbrush
Cork or felt sticker cut to size of paperweight


1. Clean glass (top and bottom) with glass cleaner to remove any oils or stickers.

2. Decide on what your image will be. Slide the paperweight over different paper or photos to choose one that you like. Note: Choose an image on photo paper or heavy stock.

3.  With your image centered under the paperweight, use your pencil to trace around it. 

4. Remove the paperweight. Cut inside the line you traced. You want the cut-out image to be just a little smaller than the paperweight. Place the cut-out over the bottom of the paperweight. If you can see some of the paper overlapping the edge, carefully trim the excess so you see none of the paper.

5. Open you Mod Podge and dip your foam sponge in, coating it moderately. Add the glue in even strokes to the bottom of the paperweight. 

6. Gently place your image over the glue so that it is in place. Using a credit card, starting from the middle, slowly press card towards the edge to release any air bubbles. 

7. Once the air bubbles are gone, use a paper towel to dab any excess glue that may have migrated to the edge. 

8. Air dry upside down overnight. 

9. Remove paper from the back of a cork or felt sticker and carefully apply it to the bottom of your paperweight.

10. Make someone happy by gifting your project to someone you love!

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