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Monday, July 22, 2013

{happy things} the genius packing gadget

I recently went on a trip to Boston and my goal was to travel light. As I was packing I realized I could travel for two weeks with just a few small travel bottles for shampoo/conditioner etc. When I was in The Container Store to pick up some new leakproof bottles I came across these Pack-It Folders from Eagle Creek. I seem to always bring way too many clothes on my trips and my goal on this trip was to bring less and save space. The associate in the store showed me how the folder works.

Open the folder (I bought the medium size) and using the enclosed folding board (Think of what they use at The Gap), fold your shirts so that they are all the same size. Place each item in the center of the open pack. When you've stacked each item into a neat pile, bring two opposite sides in. Then close the other two sides and secure the folder with the attached Velcro. You now have a neat folder that saves space and prevents your clothing from wrinkling and moving around in your suitcase. I had twelve tops compacted neatly. With a few sundresses and pants in another folder, I was able to fit everything I needed into my smallest suitcase.

What I like about these folders is that it limits how much you can bring. I told myself that if it fits in the folder I can bring it. If it doesn't, then it stays home. The folders worked out perfectly on my trip. Eagle Creek Pack-It Folders are a happy thing! Try them on your next trip!

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