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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

{happy summer things} kai fragrance

I was in Los Angeles working as a TV reporter covering the junket for the film "Leatherheads" the first time I smelled kai. It was a Saturday morning and I was in Fred Segal on Melrose. I was searching for a new fragrance that would remind me of sunshine and L.A. when I was back in my studio at Microsoft in cool, rainy Seattle. There were several fragrances that I tried and I liked including Child but when I took my first whiff of kai oil, that was it. I closed my eyes and there I was -- on Kihei Beach in Maui. The air was full of gardenias warmed in the morning sun. I opened my eyes and looked at the sales associate. "Yes," I said. "Yes, this is the one."

Later, during my interviews for "Leatherheads" I heard over and over again "My God, what are you wearing? You smell incredible." Yes, it's nice when someone leans in to say hi and they like the way you smell but more important was the way kai made me feel. I felt happy, sunshiny and like all was right with the world.

Since that weekend in L.A. I've worn Jo Malone Orange Blossom and even Bobbi Brown's Beach, both fragrances I love but when I want to feel happysexy I wear kai. It reminds me of summer, tousled hair and a white linen dress, standing on my tiptoes, bare feet  in warm sand kissing the man I love. That's happysexy.

kai is available in a fragrance oil roll-on as well as in body lotion, body butter, bodywash and more. Available at
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