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Thursday, July 18, 2013

{happy things} the waffle wagon food truck

In our family, waffles rank high, somewhere between Thanksgiving dinner and s'mores on a summer night by the campfire. So, when Larry and I heard there was a Waffle Wagon food truck in Seattle, we knew we had to find it. This Saturday we checked Twitter and discovered that the Waffle Wagon was in Fremont next to the outdoor movie. 

We were giddy. 

Waffles from a pink food truck! We wondered: Could the waffles possibly hold up to our anticipation? The smell alone was happy inducing. We looked at the menu and since we had just enjoyed dinner we decided on: Monkey Chow, a hot waffle with Nutella and fresh bananas topped with whipped cream and nuts. (If we hadn't had dinner, we were going to go for the Potato Skin Waffle.)

It took just a few minutes for our waffle to be made to order by owner, Janelle Wehrman and her team. With waffle in hand, Larry and I sat in the sun and shared what was the best waffle we've ever had. Warm with melty, nutty chocolate and smothered in bananas and whipped cream, the taste was heavenly. We talked a little with Janelle and asked her what was the top selling waffle. "Shepherd's Pie," she said. (Not offered the day we were there. The menu changes each day). 

One of the things we love about food trucks is that the folks who own these food trucks are local and they are passionate about their food. Whether it's a taco truck or a waffle truck, you know that what you're going to eat will be delicious and prepared just for you. Eating at a food truck also means you're supporting the local economy and that's a good feeling. 

If you haven't discovered the fun of a food truck, try it this summer and if you're in Seattle, keep you eyes open for Janelle and her pink Waffle Wagon. It just might be one the happiest things of your summer!

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