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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

{happy things} The Glam Glow Experiment

It was my friend, Sara, who asked me if I had ever used Glam Glow. "No," I said. "But great name." She, being the fashionista that she is told me she just bought it and the first time she applied the cool gray mask to her face she had a perfect glow. Sitting at the kitchen table talking about clear, healthy skin, it felt as though we were shooting an infomercial. I wanted Glam Glow.

This weekend I picked up a jar of Glam Glow at Sephora. I've been traveling and out in the sun quite a bit lately and my skin needed a good exfoliating. It needed a glow.  First thing to notice? Cool out of the box experience. How can you not love a package that says 'Hello, Sexy'? At the sink I washed my face, then applied the mask. As soon as it glides across your skin, you feel the clean tingle thanks to the Green Tea Leaf and Comfrey.  After applying Glam Glow to my whole face I let it dry for 10 minutes then wiped it off gently using a warm washcloth.

I looked at face and I indeed had a healthy glow. My skin looked pink and healthy. Impurities were exfoliated and my skin felt clean but not in that stretched, tight way that you can sometimes get with masks. My skin looked so healthy that I didn't use any makeup.  I  just applied a bit of sunscreen and I was off for the day.

Sara was right. I was in love. Glam Glow does have a steep price point of $69 but you do need just a small amount to get the results you want.

The Glam Glow Experiment Results: Glam Glow is a happy thing! Love.
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