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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

business cards explained by a 5 year-old

Recently I met someone new in Boston. He wanted to follow up on the conversation so I gave him a business card. He was with his daughter, 5 year-old Sophie. We started to talk and this is how our conversation went:

Sophie: What is that?

(I crouched down to Sophie's level.)

Taylor: It's a business card. (I held one out for her to see)

Sophie: What's it for?

Taylor: So people can remember me.

Sophie: Can I have one?

Taylor: Of course, love. (I gave her a business card.)

Sophie: (Holding it up to her nose, she frowned.) It doesn't smell.

Taylor: No, sadly, it doesn't smell.

Sophie: It should smell like Fruit Loops. It should smell pink.

Taylor: (I smiled) That would be nice, wouldn't it, but wouldn't people want to eat it?

Sophie: (smiling wide) Then people would remember you.


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