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Monday, September 16, 2013

happy food review: trader joe's cowboy caviar salsa

We love salsa. 

Seriously, we LOVE salsa in our house.

It's sacred. 

Salsa & chips always seems to work regardless of the moment. Getting in from work and you need a snack immediately? Chips & salsa. Whipping up scrambled eggs at 3am? Salsa + cheddar = wildly good breakfast food.  Sitting out by a campfire? Chips and salsa.

And while our favorite salsa is my Homemade Salsa Worth Waiting Two Years For, sometimes we just need to pop open a jar of salsa in a hurry. This week we tried Trader Joe's Cowboy Caviar and we liked it so much that we went through two jars in three days. Made with ingredients like corn, black beans, tomatoes and peppers, Cowboy Caviar has a spicy, hot, homemade taste. It's full bodied, meaning the flavors are balanced. Sometimes salsa can have so much hot pepper that it's hot just for the sake of being hot. However, with the addition of adobo peppers, lime and chipotle peppers, Cowboy Caviar tastes like a summer night in Baja. It's the perfect topping for a baked potato, fish tacos or nachos served all melty with a good Monterey Pepperjack. 

Cowboy Caviar is fat free and low in sodium, which we loved since we have tried so many salsas that are just too salty. Instead, Trader Joe's balance of vegetables, spices and lime make this salsa our second favorite choice after homemade. At $2.49 a jar, it's a happy food. We highly recommend it!

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