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Monday, September 2, 2013

the experiment: the harvard girl

I've been OceanSunGirl (my very first nickname/email address on AOL.)

I've been Dish Diva (my on-air name as a celebrity interviewer).

I've been The Happygirl.

Now I'm also Harvard Girl.

This week I received my books, my new email address and yes, my Harvard sweatshirt. I am officially a student at Harvard. Sure, I received my degree in Politics from a liberal arts college in New Hampshire but this fall I decided to expand my horizons beyond Italian 4 and see how far I can stretch beyond my intellectual comfort zone. I set my sights on Harvard and Harvard it is.

Why? Because I've just lost 100 pounds and lately I've been receiving an onslaught of email from readers asking how I did it and could I help them with their journey to health. Yes, I know how I did it (No wheat, dairy, sugar, coffee or alcohol + kickboxing and running) but I hit major plateaus and I was frustrated. I don't feel like I could offer help if I don't understand how the body works.  So, I did some research and this fall I will be studying Nutrition at Harvard.

I registered a few weeks ago and after reviewing the syllabus I know that this is going to be one intense experiment. Can I pass a Harvard course? I love studying. My friends from college used to leave notes on my cubicle at the library. It was my favorite spot on campus. I wonder now though with real life, a family, a job, will I be able to focus like I did when I was in college?

So, here we go. The Harvard Girl Experiment begins. Go Crimson!

Are you in school this fall too? What is your favorite study tip? Let's do this one together!
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