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Friday, September 6, 2013

{what to see: austenland}

I admit it. 

As I signed in for the press screening of "Austenland" I was expecting a basic chick flick. You know, girl obsessed with Jane Austen takes a trip to a land where she immerses herself in the days of yore and literature's most iconic crush, Mr. Darcy. It doesn't get more girly than that. However, I was happily surprised that this sweet film was more than just an ode to girl who like wine and Colin Firth

Based on the book of the same name, Keri Russell stars as Jane, an American who travels to England to indulge in her obsession with all things "Pride & Prejudice" at a themed country estate. Here she meets fellow Anglophiles played by Jennifer Coolidge and Georgia King for a week of flirting and fun in the Regency style. Unfortunately, Jane paid for the less expensive package so she's relegated to the brown dresses and servant's quarters but she still attracts both the stable boy (Bret McKenzie) and the Mr. Darcy clone Mr. Nobley (JJ Feild). 

The film plays out as you imagine it would with stolen kisses in a barn, plenty of tea drinking and swishing of era-appropriate dresses but there are genius moments like the play performance that make this film more than just a vapid chick film. 

Who should see this film: This is the perfect film for a girl's day out. Start with a late brunch then a matinee. Mom will love this movie. You'll have to hear how much she loves Colin Firth repeatedly but she's Mom so let her have this one.
09 10

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