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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

the happygirl guide to october

It happened this weekend. The new Macoun and Liberty apples grown locally in Amherst were stocked high at the farmstand, the tops of the Maple trees were just beginning to take on a hint of red and the pumpkins and gourds were settling into their new homes on doorsteps and front porches around New England. 

There are pumpkin lattes (of course) in Los Angeles and sweaters to be layered in Minneapolis but there are also walks hand in hand through falling leaves in Central Park. Sure, summer has beach days, vacations and ice cream and winter has ice skating, holidays and hot chocolate but oh, the technicolor blue, crisp, sunny days of autumn have family dinners, football games and hot apple cider. There are so many things to love about fall, but here are some that will make you wish October last just a little while longer. 

1. This Sunday, take a road trip to your local farmstand and pick your own apples. There is something primal and fun about picking your own produce, especially when capped off with some hot apple cider and cinnamon donuts enjoyed in the autumn sunshine. Click here to find a pick-you-own-farmstand near you. 

2. Celebrate Columbus Day (October, 14) by taking in a parade like this one in New York City.  You never really need an excuse to enjoy a cannoli and some classic Frank Sinatra but throw in a couple floats and some high school bands and it's a spectacular way to spend a Monday.

3. October 4th is National Vodka Day. Learn how to make this easy Pretty in Pink vodka cocktail.

4. October 10th is World Porridge Day.  Pick up some Trader Joe's Speculoos Cookie Butter to mix into your oatmeal for a cozy breakfast that tastes like warm melty cookies.

5.  October  16th is National Feral Cat Day. Celebrate by leaving a bowl of Kitty Chow out for that little grey stealth cat who leaves you nice mice presents on your doorstep.

6. October 18th is National Mammography Day. Schedule your mammogram (or remind your wife, mom or best friend) and celebrate the smart thing you just did by buying a pretty new satin underthing.

7. October 31st is Halloween. Be the best house on the block. Go to Costco or Amazon and buy the regular size candy bars. Be prepared to be adored by the kids in your neighborhood and don't be surprised if your lawn just happens to get mowed one day next summer.

8.  Don't have time to read The New York Times every day? No worries. Try the New York Times Skimmer and get a snapshot of the biggest stories of the moment. It'll give you just that edge you need when you run into your manager getting coffee first thing in the morning.

9.  "Carrie" appears in theatres on October 18th. Chloe Moritz nails this one so well that you may want to avoid drinking a red slushie during this movie. 

10. Prepare for cozy nights under the covers. Invest in some soft flannel bedding like this set from Lands End

What do you plan on doing this October?

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