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Friday, March 21, 2014

the great app: The game you need now -- Heads Up!

Several weeks ago I threw a small going away party in my hotel room for some friends who had stayed at the same new hotel for as long as I had.  I loved these guys and was sorry to see them leave. The night had to be great.

So, I prepared a phenomenal Friday night playlist, stocked the bar and ordered take out from the place across the street. At some point during the night, as we were having a blast, my friend David suggested the game Heads Up. He said they had recently purchased the app and it was so much fun that they had been playing it for weeks.

In less than a minute we downloaded the app ($.99 for the starter package which is more than enough to start) from iTunes and started playing.  For hours.  Heads Up! is a game created by the fun folks at The Ellen Show. Here's how it works: You pick a category like Accents & Impressions or Blockbuster Movies. Place your device on your forehead and the game begins. For one minute the person facing you gives you clues about the word on the screen  like "Furry, lives in Australia, eats eucalyptus. . ." You guess Koala and you got it! You can pass if need to.

There were some seriously competitive people playing that night which was hilarious. And the bonus? As you hold the device against your forehead it automatically rolls video on the people giving the clues. You can ignore the video, watch it after the game or even upload it. If it's REALLY funny, send it to Ellen!

So far, I have played Heads Up! with friends, with some funny little kids and with Larry. In fact, it's become our nightly tradition. After dinner, we play a couple games. It's a great way to laugh together.  In fact, the next time we don't see eye to eye on something, we might just take a break and play a game of Heads Up!

While my friends are no longer at the same hotel, maybe there will be new friends and what better way to start new friendships than with Ellen DeGeneres as part of it?

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