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Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Happygirl Guide to Spring

This has been one whopper of a winter. I've been traveling back and forth between the Northeast and Northwest coasts and it seems like no matter where I was, the weather was uncooperative. We had never ending snow in Massachusetts and the grey days, well, they just kept coming in Seattle.

Today, however, the sun is shining, the clouds are few and it seems like spring will come, a little late, but it will come. This season I have vowed to make the most of every single day, of every single sunbeam and raindrop and mild day by changing things up a little.

Wishing you a spring season filled with happy moments!

Things to do This Spring

1. Paint the walls of your living room or your bedroom in your favorite color. Use this app from Sherwin-Williams to match the perfect color.

2. Make a spring soundtrack on a free internet radio site like Slacker. I like this one called Yacht Rock.

3. Break out of the iceberg lettuce salad doldrums and try a salad like this Watermelon Arugula Salad that's just perfect for a warm spring evening.

4.  Try changing out your coffee for tea, like this Blueberry Bliss Rooibis Tea from Teavana.

5. Vow to exchange one meal out every week for a Walk & Talk with a friend. Instead of loading up on alcohol and calories, grab a tea and walk the loop around a park.

6. Burn this clean combination of candles from Kringle Candle. Fresh Cut Grass + Fresh Lilac smells heavenly together.

7. Spend the first Saturday of the next three months at a different museum in your area. Find museums here.

8. Plan a road trip somewhere you've never been to before. is great for ideas.

9. Make a vow to visit every farm stand in your area. Each week try one new fruit or vegetable.  Here's how to find farm stands in your neighborhood.

10. Attend an outdoor concert.

11. Clean out the linen closet. Donate the blankets/towels/sheets that you haven't used in a year.  Your local pet shelter may be a good place to donate to. For everything you're keeping, organize the shelves by type (bath/bedroom). Follow these instructions from Martha Stewart on how to fold a fitted sheet.

12.  Bring your own lunch to work at least once a week and enjoy it outside. Try these healthy recipes from Put the money you would have spent in a jar and on June 21 make a donation to your favorite charity.

13. Go to the playground and swing. Swing and close your eyes.

14.  Leaves Post-it notes saying "You are going to have an amazing day!" in different places for other people to find.

15. Learn how to cook asparagus.

16. Open every window in your home one Sunday morning and let the fresh air in.

17. Read "Shotgun Lovesongs" by Nickolas Butler.

18. Take your favorite person out for an ice cream cone. Go for the cone. You can always have it in a cup by yourself.

19. Get a Basil plant and keep it on your kitchen window sill.

20. Sleep with the window open.

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