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Sunday, April 27, 2014

happy video: kick off your monday with the "happy' supercut


Oh, Monday.

When you're warm and cozy under the covers just knowing that it's Monday when the alarm goes off can make you want to just tuck in a little longer. Unless, of course, you're just a happy person in general who leaps out of bed in the morning ready to spread your joy. If this is you, you are amazing.

So, if Monday is not your favorite day of the week, here. Watch this. It's Pharrell Williams' song "Happy." In honor of International Happiness Day in March, happy people around the world lip-dubbed and danced their way through this song. See the giggles, the flubs, the sweet little happy kids, the doctors in scrubs, students, puppies, dads (who really tried) and even C-3PO getting their happy on.

I'm smiling as I type this. You will too. I know you will.

Here's to getting your week off to and happy start! Need a little more? OK. Think of three things that make you happy.


Now :-)  !

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